Riley O'Connor

Drummer // Songwriter

July 20 Debut Toronto modern jazz show with PROMETHIUM

PROMETHIUM is a highly unstable element - atomic number 61 - whose isotopes are all radioactive. This equally volatile all-star quartet explores collisions of 4 genres of music -- jazz, latin, funk & hip-hop, under the direction of award-winning trumpet player Brownman Ali. 
:: Brownman Ali - electric trumpet (Jay-z, Missy Elliot, Paul Simon)
:: Nick Maclean - keyboards (Snaggle, Akoustic Quartet, Ori Dagan)
:: Peter Eratostene - 6-string electric bass (Dirty B-Sides, Eric Flowchild)
:: Riley O'Connor - drums (Snaggle, Ali Bros, Scott Kemp Trio)