Riley O'Connor

Drummer // Songwriter

Happy 2017 Everyone, thanks for visiting the NEW

At this time of year I like to give a big thanks and shout out to all the great musicians, artists and producers I've had the pleasure of working with in 2016. 

At the top of my music list I'd like to congratulate songwriter/guitarist Michael Schatte who has successfully made the transition from small venues to festival stages and sold-out theater shows while building an ever larger grass roots fan base. He continues to be an inspiring and uncompromising recording artist. Its always a great hang and positive learning experience working with Michael and bassist Randy Cassidy.

I had some awesome moments both on-stage and in-session with hard rock acts Love Tapper and The Sole Pursuit. I was lucky to channel my aggression... intellectually... through their music and get a workout! Also amazing to get to record at the new Cerebral studio with Christian Anderson and at Phase One with Mike Langford.

It was a blast working with Brownman Ali, who pushed my chops to the max in the realm of jazz/funk/fusion. Thanks also to The Vegas North Orchestra for bringing us together and providing the opportunity to play some challenging big band jazz charts...

I spent several magic moments in the studio at Fine Productions along with bassist Mike Meusel over the course of the year working both on Harrison Fine's original project and with artists Matt Gerber and Derek Mok. I always dig the intimate Kensington studio vibe.

2016 saw the formation of "Meg and the Scene" featuring Meghan Parnell , Dave Barnes and many guests who hosted a weekly jam at The Antler Room. It provided a great opportunity to connect with great musicians including Josh Piché who I had the pleasure of playing with on NYE. Special shout out to Lauren KnowlesCarolyn Thompson and Derek Lathrop who also stepped up to the plate to host. Big thanks to Jason Schwitek for the opportunity!

I always have a blast working with Lynzie Louise and Electric Blonde. There were some memorable weddings (one on a remote wooden dock, very far north) and also a big show at the Royal York Hotel that kicked my butt! Thanks to Jeremy Kleynhans for calling me to sub.

I also had fun filling in with “The Orchestra” and “UBB” for a few dates with Charlie FinlayGareth D ParrySteve Lavery and others. Oh yeah and there was the "Monster Rock Orchestra" produced by Vikas Kohli.

Other memorable gigs come to mind last year with original artists: Christopher GostlingJordana Zahava, Jerome Godboo, 171...

And of course, there were a few less memorable gigs- or maybe just ones I want to forget!

Finally I'd like to give thanks and lots of love to my girlfriend Courtney Bruneau who has inspired me to continue with my own songwriting and even asked me to join her in a band!?! Yes this is happening! We plan to record and hit the open mics in 2017... stay tuned!