Cruising November 9th-24th 2013 with Adam's Rib

NavigatorOfTheSeas02 November 9-24  I'll be aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship "Navigator of the Seas" with Adam's Rib. I'm very excited and a little frightened... this will be my first Atlantic crossing by the water. The ship is 1050 feet long (bigger than Titanic) and I've heard intriguing things about the skating rink on board!

Nov 9th we fly to Barcelona and spend a full day there before cruising first to Portugal then across the Atlantic (about 9 days at sea) before we reach the Bahamas, finish off the voyage in Texas to fly home.

Musically we'll be playing a very diverse range of styles including Top 40's, classic rock, disco, country and jazz standards.

This will be my second time aboard a cruise ship! At the ripe old age of 20 I played in the show-band aboard the M.S. Rotterdam (Holland America), and toured the Mediterranean sea. Acclaimed local musician Tara Davidson (Toronto based saxophonist/composer) also happened to be in the band.

Here's a link to the cruise itinerary: