Wednesdays: Rock Jam @ The Unicorn (175 Elginton E.) with LIVE ANIMALS 9:30pm

I'm excited to announce the birth of  "LIVE ANIMALS" ... It consists of some of the best pro musicians I've worked with across the GTA: Andrew Healy (vocalist for "Covered in Paint"), Dave Barnes and Mike Muesel (guitar and bass for "Parkside Drive") and myself, best known in the bar scene these days as drummer for "The Rough Copies,"  and the "Carolyn T Band" (Monday Night Jam @ Harlem). The opportunity to host the Wednesday night jam at The Unicorn came up recently after a Rough Copies Fri/Sat night engagement there when Matt Sprague (Rough Copies vocalist) was approached about hosting the jam. Matt, being a day-jobber by week had to decline and kindly passed it on to me. After a scrambling to put a high caliber band together in a week and several calls to the club at 2:15am to speak with the elusive booker (once I let the phone ring for well over a minute), I finally had my ducks in a row to move forward with a 4pc group (instead of the 3pc they were looking for to replace Kojo's Bermuda-bound band).

The rest, as they say, is history... We're on trial for a month to make this happen. Please come out if you can. And be ready to R-O-C-K!!!!