Autumn Leaves in Havana, Cuba....

Live audio: Autumn Leaves

Featuring: Jorge Luis Pachcco - Piano / Bandleader David Faya - Bass Riley- Drums + guest trumpeter (pictured)

Here's some audio (finally) from last November when I got to play with some fantastic Cuban musicians for the jazz standard Autumn Leaves at "La Zorra y el Cuervo" in Havana. I edited it down from 14min - lets face it, how many choruses of this tune do you really have time to to hear online?!

It seemed these guys just wanted to trade 8's forever which was fun, however, I tried to set up the "head out" earlier but in the end it kind of crash lands out of an energetic drum break! Towards the end, the guys just wanted to keep vamping so I dared to kick into my facsimile of a latin jazz pattern which segues into some avante garde improv.

I should make special mention of the regular drummer in the group, Aniel Taueayo, who is a world-class player and in my opinion of the same caliber as Dafnis Prieto and Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez. It was very inspiring to watch him play, and very cool of him to let me sit in.