Dundas Square with Angela Saini, March 26/2011

[slideshow] This was part of a concert for Epilepsy organized by Zach Werner (former Canadian Idol Judge). I met Angela Saini through iStars while shooting my instructional video. She had recently won the "Sonic Bids Songwriting Contest" hosted by iStars and was looking for a drummer to accompany her at this gig and potentially do some recording. Formerly Angela was working with Tragically Hip drummer Johnny Fay who was unavailable due to studio and touring committments.

I jammed with Angela and her bass player Elyse a couple times prior to the Dundas square show and I was impressed with the songs and level of musicianship these ladies demonstrated. Most importantly the chemistry felt great and the groove was there. I hope to work with Angela more in the future... presumably in less harsh weather conditions and on acoustic drums!