Jazz recording session...

On Tuesday I had the distinct pleasure of doing an impromptu recording session with guitarist Alexander Maximu (Ukrainian Guitar Hero) and bassist Scott Kemp (Elizabeth Sheppard). I met Al and Scott and back in 2002 at Humber and have been playing with them occasionally ever since. It's exciting how their jazz careers have taken off over the last few years. Al calls Amsterdam home and has been recently touring his own group playing original jazz to large audiences across Europe. Scott released an album under his own name last year and has kept a busy freelance schedule including tours of Japan and Europe with The Elizabeth Sheppard Trio. Alexander's girlfriend, Kiki, also contributed some outstanding vocal performances to the session. The exciting thing about jamming with Al and Scott is that there are really no borders to what we want to play. Besides doing the vocal jazz standards "All of You" and "Round Midnight" we recorded Wayne Shorter's "Footprints" as well as a Wayne Krantz inspired funk jam and a completely free-form improv piece with some truly haunting vocals in the mix from Kiki. Al assumed the position of a seated Buddah and turned his guitar into a percussive experiment with the use of an unfamiliar guitar pedal.

My thanks go to Christian Anderson for the fantastic sound engineering and studio space. Also thanks to Bruce Moffett for supplying a great sounding 18" Taye bass drum that complimented my Gretsch kit beautifully for the session.

When Christian finishes mixing I will be uploading some of the results!