RFO with My Darkest Days... Thursday, Opera House!!!

Looking forward to playing a big show this Thursday at one of my favorite Toronto venues: The Opera House. This is the same place Braintoy placed 3rd in Canada for the 2003 Emergenza Festival. The last time I was on that stage I had the good fortune of walking away with a full set of Sabian Cymbals and a plaque for "Best Drummer Emergenza 2003". The show this Thursday is even more important as it marks my second performance with Rise for Order (RFO) and we will be opening up for "My Darkest Days" who were also neighbors of Braintoy a few years ago, before their carreers took off and they landed a top 10 album in the U.S. This feels like it will be a reunion of sorts- I'm really looking forward to hearing how MDD has grown and changed as a touring live act over the last couple of years. More importantly I just can't wait to rock out with RFO!

This is a super-challenging gig because the show is set to a click track which I am running off an IPod which includes some backing tracks. The pressure is on to make sure I do the proper count-ins for the band and never stray from the click or disaster could ensue! Fortunately we are very well rehearsed... I've been amping up my fitness regimen - cycling, running and power double kick work outs so I can play with the utmost power, energy and stamina that the show requires. Hope to see you there!